Surgical Language

What is the purpose of language in surgery?

The purpose of language is to extend our five senses of:

  • sight
  • smell
  • sound
  • taste and
  • touch

to the people around us.

The secret to success
in any Operating Room
is to become fluent in the language of surgery.

The language of surgery
is the key to decode
the map in the Operating Room territory.

Words are maps for reality.

All words in surgery are reference points
needed to “see” the journey of a surgical procedure.

Every word has a definition.
And their definitions unlock the adventure of surgery.

As you progress through “X” Surgical Services
“three questions” will guide and form a framework in your mind.

Foundational Questions:


The foundation and the process
of developing surgical intelligence
starts with 3 Questions:

  • What…?
  • Why…?
  • How…?

What are we doing?

A surgical procedure defined as:

Why are we doing “X”?

“X” are done:
As a treatment for “X” pain or dysfunction.

How does “X” treat pain and dysfunction?

“X” treats pain or dysfunction:
By replacing or repairing the badly shaped or degenerative “X” with new components.

Self Enhanced Intelligence

Apply these 3 questions
to any surgical procedure
you intend to understand and master.

Once the language is understood,
then you will have the relevant map of your reality.

true story