1st Principles: Team People

The inspiration of 1st principles comes from the place of imagination. I ingest tons of comics, sci-fi, drama, comedy and any other type of media to force myself to reflect and engage in thought experiments. Due to my non traditional upbringing, I have learned to become a better person through others artistic expressions about their life experiences. This type of education may sound unusual, but it’s helped me grow exponentially.

  • We, humans, are one of many species of life to inhabit the biosphere of Earth.
  • Our culture (shared beliefs, customs, norms) is a living Operating System.

Emergent fundamental characteristics which define our species Operating System:

  • humans walk upright
  • humans use and create tools for food acquisition
  • different environments and sources of food caused human body shapes to evolve in order to survive the climate
  • human brains grew larger because of the changes of the environment
  • social networks emerged to help humans deal with the daily challenges
  • language and symbols emerged giving humans the ability to plan, record, and to communicate a collective experience.

Team People

water cooler talk

The combination of each characteristic has allowed us to emerge as one of the dominant life forms in the biosphere of our selected environments. This can be viewed as a gift and a curse depending on one’s perspective.

Life Challenge

Live with purpose. Never stop learning. Stand on the shoulders of giants and pickup where they left off. Help advance the code to the collective human operating system.

The code:

  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Personal Growth

We must be literate in each of individual area to become fully optimize. I am haunted by a question I heard someone ask:

“If you were going to another planet what type of skill sets would you want on your team?” The answer given has driven me since. “I would want someone with the skill of a soldier, an engineer, and a doctor.”

  1. Soldier = one who has the physical ability to defend themselves ( note: I prefer the term warrior).
  2. Engineer = one who has the ability to apply the scientific method to construct their reality.
  3. Doctor = one versed in basic emergency medicine. This translates to a basic understanding how systems within the body interact and function optimally.

These 3 skill sets must be acquired over time. The goal is to find the core of these skills and upload them into the human Operating System.  These skills are now the 3 killer apps needed to become optimized.

  • The soldier will transform into the Warrior. The Warrior section will cover anything pertaining to strengthening the body.
  • The Engineer has returned to the essences of the words beginnings. The origin of the word engineer is Mekhanikos. The Greek translation is literally “full of resources, inventive, ingenious,” This section will cover anything pertaining to the DIY of human curiosity.
  • The Doctor will revert back to the original role of the healer. I use the term Shaman because the word sounds tribal and primal. Also, shamans used their understanding and knowledge of the “spirit world” to share the bodies magical ability to heal. The “spirit world” will be the “digital” footprint of the living community of the “world wide web.” The Shaman section will be focused on creating healthy human environments.

The 3 killer apps will be a constant work in progress. Any input or advice will be welcomed and greatly appreciated because we are all part of the Renegade Mind.

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