Skill Development

What is a Surgical Technologist?

In the United States, surgical technologists are certified and work under the supervision of a surgeon, registered nurse (RN), surgeons assistant or other surgical personnel (such as a more senior Technologists), to help ensure that the operating room O.R. environment is safe, that equipment functions properly, and that the operative procedure is conducted under conditions that maximize patient safety.

We have the ability and the opportunity to do something collectively to make our professional lives better. Are you ready to start this conversation?

What kinds of areas of development are there for us as technologist?


  • Present resources available for Technologists are not designed for knowledge creation, development and exchange of information into potential future roles.


  • Create guides/tutorials of the procedures in each specialty.

Main issue regarding the field of Technologists?

Thought Experiment: Is this statement True or False?

  • A great deal of what Technologists do is below the radar of most and some just assume we have the appropriate capabilities once hired.

Questions to think about

  • What is it we “practically” do in our roles as technologist?
  • What are we professionally responsible to do as technologist, think beyond the standard job description either?
  • Do the responsibilities beyond the standard job description even matter?
  • How can we enhance the level of service given?
  • Are their any skills we want to build as technologist?
  • How can a technologist better organize, train, and equip themselves with enhanced skills?
  • Can we organize guides for Technologists to have access to as resources for each other?