Joint Replacement Arthroplasty

Systematic Thinking

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The grammar stage of replacement arthroplasty entails gathering the facts.

The facts will be acquired by defining the terms. This scheme is a resource to be used as a tool. The tool is merely a methodology of systematic thinking involving 3 steps:

  1. Define the terms.
  2. Evaluate the terms.
  3. Form an opinion of the terms.

The steps to systematic thinking appear to be simple. The beauty of this scheme allows the mind to think in an organized fashion. This will streamline the process of comprehension by understanding the root of the terms defined.

Grammar Stage: Define the terms

What is joint replacement arthroplasty?


  • Reconstruction/replacement of a malformed or arthritic joint.



Evaluate the terms:

Etymology arthroplasty:

Origin: Greek: arthro; form of arthron- “joint”
ar- “to fit together”
ball joint

Etymology of plasty:

Origin: Greek: plasty from plastia- “molded, formed”
lego form

What is malformed?

  • badly formed or out of shape.

lego blocks

What is arthritis?

  • inflammation of a joint.

Etymology of arthritis:

Origin: Greek: arthrites- “pertaining to joints”

What is inflammation?

  • excessive redness or swelling in a body part.

Etymology of inflammation:

Origin: Latin: inflammationem- “a setting on fire”

Opinion of joint replacement arthroplasty:

  • arthroplasty, is a treatment, when joint pain or dysfunction is not made easier, by less-invasive therapies.