Vision/ Mission


I’ve been taking in a sh*t load of information over the past year. I have lived through historical changes that we have yet to define properly.

  • We, the people, are going through a global awakening.
  • We, the people, have forgotten how to take care of each other.

I hope to create something in which we all benefit from. The goal is to build an open source surgery intelligence agency for the people. We have agencies that protect our national interests. We have institutions that protect our national economic interests. We have police institutions, that are empowered by the state, to enforce laws, protect private property, and limit civil disorder.

These are some of the fundamental ideas for a well functioning diverse society such as America. But, as we have seen, we have a problem. The country we live in is too damn big to educate everyone. We must learn to take care of each other again.


The best way to look after our family is by being small, adaptive, and decentralized. Small communities of like minded, law-abiding groups are the best model people have ever created. Intelligence is how we are able to understand the world we live in. Propaganda is how, in the past and present, we use media to promote a certain vision.


1: The Technologist is a platform. A platform where ideas that affect our living standards are analyzed.

2: The Technologist is a resource for people to enhance their abilities of “how” to think clearly in a world with information overload.

3: The Technologist is “a” type of community.

  • A community that is disciplined.
  • A community that is well informed.
  • A community that will be able to defend the western family.

We all must embark on a heroes journey. What are you willing to do, to become the hero you’ve always admired?